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Ja ću samo prekopirati moj post sa Tamblera. Ja sam zaista razočarana i svijet je jadno i okrutno mjesto, bez obzira na nas sanjare. Vjerujem da su danas svi manje - više dobri sa znanjem engleskog jezika. Not only as a human being, but also as a student of culture and media/public relations, I am truly devastated by the terrible thing that happened in Paris yesterday. I think that this is a big lesson to the whole world, especially to the journalists and future journalists. Freedom of speech doesn't exist, we are living in a very cruel world and there is no such thing as free journalism. Censorship is present in media, cultural and social life. We can't say what we want and what we think, and I am so disappointed in this world more than ever. And I don't have a hope that things will get better. And to be honest, there is not much we can do about it, we can try to fight, but many have failed already. And what happened yesterday is a pure example that if you try to speak your mind and to try to say what you think, not what you're told to say, you'll end up without a job, or worse - dead. What happened yesterday isn't about religion at all, it has nothing to do with it. It's purely about freedom of speech and expression. And violence is never the answer and I am against the violence in every possible way. And let’s never forget that many hearts don’t beat today, because someone is offended by the freedom of expression. On the other hand, I understand that religion is everything to some nations and I respect that, but answering in violence is a wrong way of reaction. And I just hope that this wasn’t done on purpose to light a fire between nations and religions, because that will end up way worse than it did.

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08/01/2015 14:22